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There Could Be a Ravage Bulldozer

Hi my name is Hyundai 30L-7M but my friends just call me 7M. This is the story of the Cherokee Haunter. I still remember it as if it were yesterday. Well it all started on the first day of my job at The GL Company.
“Hi I’m Hyundai 30L-7M and I got a call to come in today and talk to a Mr. Toyota 7FGU15. Today is supposed to be my first day.”
“Well lucky for you that’s me. I’ve been waiting for the new arrival that the boss keeps talking about. I am to be your supervisor.”
“Oh cool, so where do we start?”
“Well I wanted to start you out somewhere a little bit more local to show you the ropes but I got a very bizarre phone call yesterday when I called to check up on a demolition in Cherokee. They said that some weird stuff was happening and they were very freaked out. They asked if someone could go up there to check it out. They were telling me that the garage was haunted and that… but then the line went dead. I called up there this morning but no one answered so we are going to go and check it out.”
“Oh cool. I love fieldtrips.”
So after that we started our journey up to Cherokee. Turns out it was about a two hour drive. Not too bad.
“So rookie, tell me what year you are again. I didn’t really have to time to look over your application.”
“Oh I’m a 2012!”
“Oh wow so you’re such a baby. You probably have hardly any experience.”
“I’m not a baby! As a matter of fact, I had two jobs before this one.”
“I know you think that is impressive rookie, but I tell you it is not. I have had a job almost every day for the last seven years and before that I was often busy.”
“Oh my tractor, you have had a ton of experience. I can learn so much from you! What year are you?”
“I am a 2001.”
So after that he told me all about the interesting jobs that he had done and some of the crazy stuff that he has seen. After a while we started slowing down. I was freaking out and thinking we were lost. There were trees everywhere and an occasional ramshackle of a building. I was starting to think maybe it wasn’t a good idea applying for this job online. I looked over at my supervisor and he looked even more stunned than me.
“Where are we?’
“We are in Cherokee.”
All of a sudden I felt a chill go up my back and I was thinking about all the stuff the forklifts on the phone had said. They were trying to warn us.
“I’m too young to die! I’m just a baby!”
“Would you calm down please? Look. That is the garage over there that was the demolition project. Let’s go check it out.”
“Are you kidding me? There could be a ravage bulldozer in there. “
Then all of a sudden and out of nowhere an old Hyster came out and started screaming at us.
I was so scared I about oiled myself.
“What on tractor dirt are you talking about?”
“There is an old ghost that lives in that garage. It’s his sacred and he always be banging around inside at night but ever since those fellers came out to tear his building down he’s gone mad!!”
“There are no such things as ghosts.”
“Well suit yourself but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
After that he left and went off into the woods chuckling.
“So what do we do now? Go home? Please say go home.”
“No. we have a job to get done.”
“Well what are we going to do? We don’t even know where the other forklifts went!”
As if on cue, Mr. Toyota got a call right then. He picked it up. And then I heard him say the craziest thing. After he hung up I laughed and said:
“Why did you tell them that we were going to stay the night in that garage? What are we supposed to tell them when we get back?”
“We are going to stay the night in the garage. My supervisor just called me and said that the workers up here returned home but were in a state of bewilderment. So I told him we would check it out and if all goes good, which it will, he will send different workers up here to finish the job.”
I was in complete awe. I couldn’t believe that we were going to have to stay the night there. So later that night we bunkered down in the old abandoned garage. The sun had gone down and the shadows of the trees creeped over everything like death coming for us. I was panicking so badly but I just closed my eyes to try to sleep anyway. Then all of a sudden the side of the wall started banging and with such force. It sounded like the forklift ghost must have been a 19,000 pond lifter. Then, I didn’t even know the weather had changed but lightning crashed and I could see the shadow of a huge Hyster. The whistling of the trees, the shadow, the banging on the garage door. I couldn’t hold it any more.
“AAAAAAA!!!!!! He’s coming to kill us. Let’s go!!!”
“Would you calm down? It’s an old garage, of course it’s going to make all those sounds!”
Then out of nowhere the ground started to grab my tires so I flew out of the garage screaming and I smacked right into the 1969 Hyster.
“Well would you look at that?” my boss said
“The ghost that haunts this old garage is this old Hyster!”
That made no sense to me at all. How could he do all of those things and summon lightning and what not?
“Then explain all those things then! How could he do all of that?”
It turns out that it used to be the Hysters garage and because of the grit of his standard pneumatic tires versus our solid tires caused the dirt in the garage to be kneaded so when wet it would cause anything to sink into it. And so with the weight of the forklift pushing into the mud, caused the plants growing in the dirt to be pushed inward to you making it feel as if you were being grabbed. The thunder was just a real loud banging on the wall and the lightning was just an ultra bright flashlight the Hyster attached to a tree and would make flash off and on. So how he made the ghost made sense. But why? Why was he so attached to his garage?
“Well the truth is that when I were just a young forklift myself, I was rammed by a wild bulldozer.”
I knew all along that the garage had something to do with a ravage bulldozer.
“And I came to this garage to get a repair to my simplex mast. While I was getting fixed up, well I fell in love with one of the beautiful 1967 ford utility tractor. I met her in this very garage and in fact this is where we got married. As time went on, newer and fancier tractors were created and she was no longer in use and then well ten years ago, she died. This place is very sentimental to me.”
Well there you have it. Turns out that instead of a ghost, we had a lost romantic. We called in to the supervisor and explained everything. We were able to restore the garage into a monument of forklift history and everything was all good.

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