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A 2007 Hyster Model H190D

I could not take my eyes off her because she was the most beautiful forklift in the world. Her paint job, tires, and even her windshield are all flawless. I desperately want to take her out on a date to the gas station, but I don't have the courage to ask her. Anyway, she probably wouldn't ever want to date a forklift like me. I am just an old used 2007 Hyster Model H190D that works in a factory loading and unloading trucks all day. My black and yellow paint is faded with age and I always leak a little when I am around her.
As I was thinking, Old Man Trevor bumps into me.
"Sorry Frank, I didn't see you there."
I am surprised that the Old Man could see anything, considering he doesn't even know his own age. No matter how much he runs into me I can never stay mad at him. After all, he is like my grandfather.
"It's alright Trevor, don't worry about it."
"I won't worry about it. I couldn't put a dent in you even if I wanted too! Say, did you see that new forklift that came in the other day? I think she said her name was Faith."
"Um, yeah I saw her."
"She sure is pretty ain't she?"
"Well, I guess so."
"You guess so? There ain't no guessing about it! She is either pretty or she isn't!"
"Yes, she is pretty."
"Oh, so you think she is pretty do ya? Well, that makes me think you like her. That's a good thing. It's about time you got yourself a girlfriend. I think you should go and ask her out right now, before one of the other forklifts do."
"Trevor, I don't think she would ever go out with a forklift like me."
"Don't you go on thinking like that. She will like you just fine."
"You think so?"
"Yes, boy. I do think so! Now, go out there and ask her out this instant!"
"Yes, sir!"
As I start to roll out of the factory with my forks lowered, the old man pulls out in front of me.
"Trevor, what do you think you're doing?"
"I almost forgot to tell you that you're covered in dirt and smell like an old muffler. Here, take these coupons and get yourself cleaned up at the carwash across the street before you go and see that pretty forklift of yours."
Flustered, I look over myself and see that Trevor is right. I smell pretty ripe and I am almost completely covered in dirt. This is probably because I haven't showered in two weeks.
"Thanks Trevor, I owe you."
"Yes, you do sonny boy. If I hadn't stopped you, then you would have embarrassed your little motor out."
Ignoring his last comment, I make my way to the car wash. As I approach, I see the owner Betty
come out to greet me.
"Oh my goodness honey you are downright filthy! Don't you worry your little bumper about it though because Auntie Betty's Car Wash will fix you right up! Just you come right on in here."
Betty escorted me into the car wash and told me to wait in the lobby while she got everything ready. As she was running around, she talked to me about numerous pointless things. Betty was the sort of vehicle to talk for days on end. Personally, I thought she just liked hearing herself jabber away all day. She wasn't self centered, but she couldn't stay quiet for one minute.
"All right sweetie just step right up and prepare to get all cleaned up."
"Betty, don't I need to pay first?"
"Goodness no! You look so awful that I have to let you get washed up for free."
I debated whether or not I should be offended as I drove through the car wash.
When I leave, I see Faith coming my way. Afraid that she would see me, I jump and hide in the bushes. Unfortunately, I landed in a mud puddle. I wait until she is gone before I came out from the bushes. Betty sees how dirty I am and is furious.
"I give you a free wash and you go and get filthy right afterwards? Is this how you say thank you? Now, you have to get yourself all cleaned up again."
As I took another trip through the car wash, I thought to myself, At least Faith didn't see me jump in a mud puddle. Before I leave, Betty gives me an air freshener.
"Well, don't you look handsome, and you smell as fresh as daisies in May!"
I wasn't very happy that the only air freshener Betty had smelled like flowers, but I couldn't complain. After all, I did smell much better than an old muffler.
"Thanks Betty, your car wash does a great job."
"Aw, you're welcome sweetie. Now, don't be jumping in any more mud puddles.
"All right, I will keep that in mind."
I said good bye to Betty and head back to the factory. I look for Faith but it does not seem as if she is there. So unwilling to waste time, I decide to unload some new merchandise that came in earlier on a couple of trucks. As I go to the loading station, I hear someone following me. I turn around and see that it's my best friend George.
"Hello, George. Is there anything I can help you with?"
"No, I just came over here to tell you something."
"Okay. What is it?"
It took George a minute to respond, but in that time I realized that whatever he has to tell me can't be good. Usually, George cuts to the chase when telling a story or sharing news. The only time it ever takes him more than a few seconds to respond is if there is bad news.
" I almost don't have the heart to tell you this."
"Tell me what?"
"You won't like it."
"Just tell me already! I can handle it."
"Well, I overheard Francis, one of the other forklifts, ask Faith out on a date while you were over at the car wash. She accepted his invitation and they both left for the gas station about an hour ago. I didn't think anything about it until Trevor told me how you felt about her. I'm sorry man."
"It's okay George. It is not your fault."
With that George left and went back to his work. I go over to one of the trucks and start to unload the merchandise. A few minutes into my work I realize that someone is talking to me. When I turn around to see who is talking, I see Faith standing in front of me.
"What? I'm sorry but I didn't hear what you said."
"I asked you if you would like any help?"
I was dumbfounded that she was even talking to me. It took me a couple seconds to answer.
"Well , I guess another forklift could help get the job done a little faster. Why don't you start to unload the next truck while I finish this one?"
"Sure, I'll do that."
With Faith's help, the trucks were loaded in no time. As we set down the last of the crates, she started to talk to me.
"So Frank, do you have any plans after work today?"
"Would you like to go with me to the gas station? I am running a little low on fuel."
"Would this be like a date?"
"Um, yeah it would."
"I'm a little confused then. I thought you went on a date with Francis earlier."
"Oh no, definitely not! Francis is my brother and he showed me where the gas station was. Someone probably told you he was taking me on a date. After all, the gas station is call Dates, and that can be confusing."
I felt kind of silly that I had forgotten the name of the gas station, but I felt even sillier that I didn't figure this mess out earlier. George must of not heard Francis correctly!
"Yeah, that must have been what happened, but why do you want to go out with me? I was made in 2007 and my paint is faded."
"I want to go on a date with you because I like you. I don't care what you look like on the outside. I care about what you look like on the inside. Besides, your faded paint tells me you are a hard worker."
I almost couldn't believe it. Faith liked me for being, well, me! I should of known that I didn't' need to be perfect for her too like me. All I needed to do was be myself, a 2007 Hyster Model H190D.

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