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A Hyundai Machine Lift

Chapter 1: Fancy Pants
Today was one of those when you have had enough of the crap and just want to walk away from it all…leaving the “crap” behind. I had that day today but not for the reason people may think. I will tell you because surprisingly, the crap was probably much needed and useful in some ways.
Dieter Heller and Matthias Holstein placed me in the back of a fortune 500 company in hopes that I will be of great use. I like to take pride in my abilities though they stink, literally. I mean, when I really think of myself, I am a very fancy catch made from HMT Hebing Metall Technik. I am a 2008 version of what is considered top grade. My body dimensions are 1500 liters in volume, 230 kg in weight, and 2930 kg in capacity. Having said this, I am pretty strong…hate to boast, but it is true.

Chapter 2: The Brainstorming
Dieter walks out and tosses an unwanted piece from a Hyundai machine lift and all I could about was, what if he messes up my shaft? Whatever, I am rambling. What I am really here to talk about is how I met my best friend who is just like me.
Matthias sits strangely in his seat hunched over with a worried look on his face. I look into the blinds curious as to why he seems so upset. He never talks to me because it would be weird to talk to someone like me. Dieter walks into the room with a big smile, complete contrast from Matthias. “I have great news! The Taylor Lift and Fork Co. in the United States says they have a few extra item that can be shipped here. We have a list of items in their possession and we must check which items will be a great use for our company.” Matthias is still looking puzzled because he doesn’t understand why this is such a big deal. Honestly, I don’t see what is so great about getting hand-me-downs from a rival company. It only means we cannot afford to buy our own equipment. Ah ha! Matthias took the words right out of my mouth and says that very thing. He takes me by surprise yelling on contrary to his disagreement, “Das ist gut!...buuutttt what about previous equipment?”
My orange shield goes completely white wondering what he could mean by other equipment. I am just like any other “Mülleimer” here in Arzberg, Bavaria, Germany. All we do is collect what people do want which is good for us. We get food on occasion, but this is a construction site and the only reason we are of good use is because items like me are very inexpensive in installation cost. I don’t get a chance to empty my contents as much as some of these guys here. I stink every once in a while gettings all kinds of rodents as daily and nightly guests. It is getting a little annoying. I try not to complain because unlike some of these fortunate guys, I do not break down easily and do not have to be constantly hauled everywhere. Blah, I am trying to think of pros and cons but not really good at this. See, I would really like for Dieter to just bring me someone I could talk to or else I am going to drive myself crazy. I just need someone here!

Chapter 3: Sneak Peek
Dieter comes out in the early morning to dispose of something I have never seen before in my entire making and existence. It is an extremely long piece of paper or at least paper material. Hmmm, was ist das? From the corner of my opening, I try to get a sneak peak. All I can see are the words “P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E. I.V.E.N.T.O.R.Y.”. What does that even mean though? Well, whatever, who knows. It could be the new equipment he and Matthias were talking about yesterday. I really don’t know. Ughhhhh es regnet, es regnet, es regnet. I hate rain because everything inside of me gets wet and I cannot control it. The have pieces to a sweeper, a tiny piece from a tower crane and regular station equipment such as screw drivers. Tomorrow will be the day that I find out what this little message means, and I cannot wait.
Chapter 4: Moving Day
Dieter walks into Matthias’s office smiling. “Our inventory is on its way!” I have told to moving van where to place everything after leaving the docking area so hopefully our equipment makes it here safely.
Gosh, what could it be? I sit in the yard lonely day after day. Time goes by. I am constantly filled with crap, and everyone else is put to use of some sort. I see a humongous truck pull into the site. The driver jumps out and yells, “Das ist alles! Your inventory has arrived sir.” Dieter is standing smiling then looks far, far over to me. “You can place this beauty right over there.”
Whatever is in that truck, it sure did take a very long time to unload. The last object is cover in a white cloth and looks similar to my size. Movers haul it closer and closer to me. From underneath the cloth, I see orange, bright orange. I am orange but have had my years of use and lost my shine. Someone comes over immediately as I am thinking this and take a water pipe, spraying me ferociously. I can see from the window that my shine is coming back. Well, that was nice of this young gentleman. Suddenly a loud thud echoes, and the ground vibrates. The men step back to remove the cloth covering the object.
Wow, my eyes are absolutely shocked right now. It is almost like I am in a vision. Was ist das I see? Is that me? No, it can’t be. I am here. Well, here is this, but I am here and this is here. This object is just like me. We are identical. The by surprise a “Hello mate!” shouts from the vocals of the object. “Mate, doncha think ya should talk another one of those showers? Are ya full of crap? You seem like a bludger (lazy person) cactus (not working) sitting in the dunny much too long.’ Whatever this thing is, they better watch their tongue!
“Mate, I am sorry. Forgive me, but I must formally introduce myself. I am a going to be a new cobber (friend) of yours so we bets to getta know each otha. I am Sophie. What is your name?”
I completely forgot English. “Ummmm Mein name ist Anja. I mean my name is Anja.” Where do you really come from? America?”
“Nooo, they shipped me from Australia my dear. The sun is going down. We better rest for tomorrow’s adventures.”
I cannot say that I am not surprised in Sophie. She is much different than what I imagined. I didn’t think we would get another garbage bin, but apparently we are important too. Sophie teaches me a lot daily such as how to keep rodents away. I think I am going to love my new friend!

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