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A Modern Hyundai 45DS-7E

It is the year 2013, making me only one year old. I am a modern Hyundai 45DS-7E. My regular day consists of stacking palettes full of construction wood on top of each other. Five days out of the week I am controlled by my human, Phil. Once in awhile,doing our daily duties, an announcement is made over the radio about a 1987 Cat 950B, approximately once every 2 hours. Phil just chuckles every time he hears it due to its amount of power. From time to time, a thought comes to my mind just wishing I could be able to lift 27,500 lbs like that 1987 Cat. Currently, my maximum strength is 10,000 lbs, which isn't too bad for a little guy like myself. So everyday, with my propane powered engine, I try to work harder and try to lift more each and everyday to not let my human down. The next day, going through the same process, it came to my surprise, over the intercom, that a new shipment of wood has recently came in and are looking for me because my other forklift friends are long overdue for new repairs. So my human put me in forward, and off we went speeding through the narrow lanes filled with wood planks and boards. As all the sawdust hits my face, me and my human arrive to this huge shipment of wood. I had to move over 12 palettes of wood, each one weighing between 3 and 4 tons. I became very excited and saw this as an opportunity to gain my terrain tires and a more powerful engine capable of lifting double the amount I already do. Without wasting time, I got straight to work, and load by load it became increasingly more difficult. As I placed the last palette down, I lowered my forklift and thought to myself that I have a chance at becoming bigger than what I was originally made to do. My human driver powered me down and had the best rest of my life. Today is the new day that I tell all my friends about my huge accomplishment yesterday. Rolling in I tell all of my friends with confidence, of what I had done I couldn't stop smiling and feeling so proud of myself, and after a awkward pause they began to laugh. In that moment, a sudden rush of adrenaline burst throughout me and I told them that I will show them all that I am capable of being a strong and powerful forklift like the 1987 Cat. The start of today's shift began and I was assigned all of the heavy loads for the day. As the day progressed I was starting to slow down, but then the thoughts of laughter raced throughout my mind and began to push myself into overdrive. At the end of the shift, all of the loads were totaled up, and I couldn't believe it, but I received the most amount of loads picked up. I looked around me and saw my friends, they began to drive away. At first I was upset, but then realized that I need to accomplish my dream and can't let them effect my momentum. That night, I overheard that same radio announcement, but this time it was a little different from before.It turned out that the 1987 Cat got stuck in a ditch working and damaged his front two tires on lifting mining equipment, and had to wait till the next day for it was too late to be out. All that night I knew I was going to be the one going to help the humans out with his stock. The rest of the night, I was unable to get any rest due to the amount of excitement. The morning sun began to rise over horizon blasting in my headlights. I saw my human driver walk through the warehouse doors and began to walk straight towards me and he drove me up to a trailer where I would journey to the mining operation about 2 hours away from here. As 2 hours passed by, we had arrived, I was pulled out and all of a sudden my back left tire popped off. At first I was so scared, but soon realized that they were putting on terrain tires to help with the grip due to the loose gravel. As all tires were bolted in place. As I pulled up, I couldn't believe I was having this opportunity to help out the forklift that I have always wanted to be. I slowly inched towards the 1987 Cat with chains hooked on to my forklift and were soon attached to the rear of the Cat. I slowly raised my forklift to it's max height at 177" and began to reverse. The chain tightened with a sudden jerk resulting in a cloud of dust to rise. I kept inching backwards and saw that the 1987 Cat was slowly coming out of the ditch, which gave me such chills and began to reverse a little quicker. Then all of a sudden, there was no tension. In that moment I was frightened but then saw that the Cat was completely out of the ditch. The humans around me started to cheer and compliment me on my strength. The miners then told my human driver if they could possibly keep me and add some upgrades to me to fit the mining duties. My human driver said yes and from this point on, I was overwhelmed with joy knowing I get to work along side my idol forklift. I was brought into a shop,and was being touched up with a 4" wide blade and a new diesel engine with a lifting power of 27,000 lbs. As I was complete with my new additions, I began to drive with my forklift held high, and knew I can be the little engine that could.

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