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Yale Diesel-Powered Model

Seven a.m. and the warehouse begins to come alive. Motors fire up in the background as the overhead lights come on. The machines, generators, and fans all start to whir into action. I see Gerald making his way over to me.

He has been working here now for 15 years. That’s a long time these days for any one person to stay with the same company. Nowadays, young men and women graduate from top notch colleges and universities and they go to work for companies just like ours’. But, they rarely ever stay long. Job security and loyalty is no longer what it used to be.

However, here at Global Motors where “one call does it all”, most of the staff have been here for many years. We are like one big family. Although Gerald has been offered, on several different occasions, the job of foreman, he has repeatedly turned it down. Gerald likes the regular hours, the fact that he can check in, work his shift, and then go home to his wife and kids at the end of the day. They too are an anomaly in today’s society, in that his wife Jennifer has always preferred to stay at home with their three children. I imagine they have had to make concessions, trying to make ends meet on one income.

Global Motors realizes what a gem they have in Gerald. He arrives a few minutes early every day, tardiness being a quality that he cannot tolerate. He works efficiently and he has always been very good to me.

I am kept in top working condition. Gerald arrives and I know the routine. He’ll place his metal lunch box in the staff community room then saunter over to me, where he will begin a thorough inspection.

A forklift such as me, a used 2009 Yale diesel-powered model needs much the same maintenance as a car. A regular oil change and propane change every second day, sometimes daily, depending on how many hours of service I’ve put in.

There is battery maintenance, ensuring the water levels remain the same. I know I have nothing to worry about because every employee here at Global Motors is given extensive on-the-job training.

Someone once said that the forklift was one of the most often overlooked, and yet absolutely necessary pieces of heavy-operating equipment. It is often said that we forklifts are responsible for 90% of the work done in a warehouse facility such as this.

Gerald handles me like he would a very finely tuned automobile. He takes the time to look around and make himself aware of his surroundings. Just like driving a car, one has to watch out for pedestrians as well as other vehicles.

I am well-oiled, greased, and polished on a regular basis. Every routine check-up is dutifully marked in the ledger.
Gerald climbs up into my cab. With a turn of the ignition my motor springs into action. There is much to do today. An entire container of household goods from a Trans-Atlantic move arrived yesterday. I worked like a dog and was relieved when the end of the day arrived. All that lifting and carrying is getting a little bit more challenging for me, and let’s face it, I am no longer a “spring chicken.”

But because of the quality of all my friends here including me we tend to hang in there considerably longer than most of our competition. For example, I am small, compact and have been designed so that I can turn on a dime.

Global Motors has over twenty-five years of manufacturing experience. We are dedicated to providing strict quality guidelines, competitive pricing and value. Our unique features and dedication to customer service, is what keeps our clients coming back. Even after years of hard labour, I am a viable piece of machinery on the used sales market.

Speaking of used equipment, I suppose I should lay out my specifications. I know that because I am in such mint condition I will probably sell quickly. I will miss being here, with all the people I know, especially Gerald.

Over we go to our section of the warehouse, where a very large container must be unloaded and all its contents stacked carefully on skids set up at the other end of the warehouse. Precision is what it is all about. My gears have been fine- tuned like a Mercedes Benz. No screeching sounds come from my brakes; my engine purrs like a perfectly contented cat.

I race down aisles, being careful to watch for out for anyone in my path. Down go my “tines” and under another mammoth-sized box. Carefully, I lift the box and drive it back down to the other end where the skids are located. More precision required as I gently set one box down on top of another.

And so it goes throughout the day. Gerald takes very few breaks, the longest one being when he breaks for the mid-day meal. He settles me into a position, where I will be safe, and not only out of harms’ way, but unable to cause harm to anyone else.

I sincerely hope that nobody comes along with the intent to make a purchase. I’ve grown accustomed to this place. Global Motors has been very good to me, and to Gerald. Although I know it is all part of life, I hate to think of leaving here, and moving on down the road to someplace new.

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