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Short For Cat NOR30P

Adoption day again, no one ever looks at the older makes and models. They all want the pretty ones with engines that roar to life. Well I can still roar to life, just not as loud as I used too. Look past my dents, dings, scratches and peeling yellow paint. Is it my fault I’ve been left out in the rain, snow and heat? Give me a chance, I’m a hard worker, I’ve still got a lot of years left in me. I’ve even practiced my speech for when I meet your crew. Do you want to hear it? You can’t go wrong with me. I’m a steal at this price.
Ouch, watch it buddy those chains are cold. Hey where are putting that? What’s going on? Why are you locking me up? I’ve never been locked up before. Wait, am I going for a ride? Have I been chosen? I have, I have, and I’ve been adopted. I hope there’s other equipment my age there. I hope its inside, oh I hope it’s warm and the humans are nice.
B-a-ssssssssss p-r-oh. Bass Pro this is home now, well okay it sure looks nice and I see lots of other equipment so maybe I can make friends. “Hi, I’m Cat, short for Cat NOR30P. I was assembled in a warehouse in 1995. My manufacturer named me after a stray they used to chase around the yard back in the day. I can lift 3000 pound and fork height is two hundred seventy three inches.”
“I’m Taylor, just Taylor will do, I’ve been at this particular store for five years now and there are some things you ought to know.
1. Your main job will be in the camping department and you’ll be stocking the steel with overflow and then retrieving items as needed for the humans to stock the floor. You’re an order picker and they’ll work you hard.
2. Watch out for Monkey Boy, the humans call him Ben but Monkey Boy suits him better. He’s real good at his job but he likes to swing from the upper cage. He doesn’t always strap in like he should and when he slips, trips or makes a fool of himself he takes it out on you. He’s also a jumper, so take your time with that one.
3. Keep a close eye on Bear, he’s the one they call Gary he can’t see too well and doesn’t like working. He’ll run you into the steel nine times out of ten and he never apologizes. Just so you know we’re all waiting for retirement on that guy.
4. Parking bays are first come first service except bay one. That belongs to Jr. he’s a Taylor too, but a new and arrogant sort. He gets treated like royalty around here but it won’t last for long. His day is coming, mark my words.
5. Stay away from Sissy. She’s a scissor lift of a different caliber. She loves to flirt and she’ll cast you aside or leave you in the dirt, as soon as look at you. You’ll know here by her look. She’s one of a kind around here. But don’t let her get to you, she’s a rental.
6. Work starts at five each morning and ends at ten each night. You’ll have some down time during the day to recharge your batteries and some days are worse than others. As long as you do your job to the best of your ability you’ll work out just fine. You got some nice humans over in the camping department. See you around the store kid; let me know if you need anything.”

Well that wasn’t so bad. Hey someone is coming. Maybe I’ll get a chance to show what I can do. He seems nice and the lady with him is smiling. Yes! He chose me. I can do this! Looks like we’re going to get some items down out of the warehouse, okay lesson one lets learn where things are stored. Smokers, grills, fryers, and fire pits to the left, food service items, slicers, grinders, dehydrators next, camping stoves, tables, lanterns and toilets, then chairs, tents, cots, and hammocks, last but not least storage, coolers ,dried foods, luggage and backpacks. Four bays high and six bays across, that’s not so bad… whoa, what is this kid doing? Hey that’s dangerous; this must be the Monkey boy. Wow that kid is crazy, but I like him. We could have some fun together (honk, honk).

“Watch it newbie. Get out of the way, who ever thought to purchase you must have been desperate. You need to learn right now, I run this show; no one does anything unless I tell them you got that? We’re union here, you union? No, well better buck up buddy, it isn’t a free ride everyone pays their dues.”
“Don’t mind him, that’s Jr. He thinks he knows everything and that’s just not true. Hi, I’m Sissy, your new around here right? Well no worries it gets easier. What section have you been assigned to?”
“Camping, ma’am.”
“Oh you don’t need to call me ma’am, Sissy will do just fine. Have you met Old Taylor? He’s in charge of your area. Nice guy I suppose, if you like windup toys. He gets wound up real easy. Isn’t that funny? Well, I’ll leave you to your work; maybe sometime we can hook-up. hehe …”
Here comes Ben, I hope we have another order to fill; maybe I can show him what I remember already. I sure want to do a good job. I can help get close to the steel with my forward and reverse capabilities and now that I’ve been fitted with a solid pallet he can walk right out on my forks to load or pick. This is great I feel like a real part of the team.
“Hey kid, how was your first day, I here you did real well. I heard Monkey Boy tell his boss what a smooth ride you are. Nice work, it’s not every day we get to hear such great things about ourselves. You’re going to work out just fine. Why don’t you plug in next to me tonight and tell me all about it.”
“Thanks, Taylor I’d like that.”

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