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A 2012 Hyundai 30L-7M forklift

My name is Hyu.

You may think that I am a human being because I am speaking and have a name, but in reality, I am not. I am not even an organic life-form. I am, quite simply, a machine built to aid human beings. I am a 2012 Hyundai 30L-7M forklift, to be precise. My kinds are known for being large, yellow machines whose sole purpose is to transport large amounts of cargo between two destinations. Most of the time, these two destinations are between a warehouse and a store.

I am to be driven by a single human being, most often at the start of nine hundred hours as some humans would call it, each day. The human being will then steer me to the warehouse and put cargo in my forks before steering me to the store that the cargo is to go to. Once I am driven there, the human being has me set the cargo with other cargo of similar items. This process will then repeat for as long as it must.

I have done this for many years now at a small hardware store. I am an old forklift that has spent one thousand hours transporting various cargo, whether it be lumber or many boxes of heavy items. Though, I will not complain of my life. I do enjoy the time I have spent in this humble store. The human beings who have each driven me always treated me with kindness. They understand what danger I hold if I am used improperly and they do handle my abilities with care because of that very reason. I am truly grateful for that.

I do not wish to be responsible for destruction. I do not know how I can cause destruction, but I have been told that I can and do not wish to see it. I do not want to be a weapon. I do not want to know what terrible actions I can inflict. But the human beings know this and do not make me commit the violence that I fear. They cannot understand me, but they know I do not want to cause harm. They know and they listen to me. I am happy that they do.

Though the human beings do not know this, they can sense that I am happy. They must know, for they always smile when they see me. I cannot think of another reason for why they would smile every time they look upon my metallic hulk. They must know that I am happy and that makes them happy. That is the only reason.

But then one night, at twenty four hundred hours, one human being, thirty-five year old male, comes to see me and gives me a smile that I cannot think is because he knows I am happy. There is something very wrong with this human being’s smile. There is a strange gleam in the human being’s eyes. It is not a gleam I recognize, but I know that it is not benevolence in this human being’s eyes. It is something else. It is something very wrong.

I ask the human being why he is here with me at this time. I ask the human being why he is not asleep like many human beings should be at this time. He does not hear me. Even if he could hear me, I do doubt that he would answer me anyway.

He climbs into my seat and pulls out a pair of keys from his pocket. He thrusts one of the keys into my ignition and he turns it. He drives me out of the building I am stored in and drives me toward a parking lot not far from here. I ask him what he is doing. I ask him why we are here. I ask him why he is here so late into the night. I ask him many things. He does not hear any of my words and continues to drive.

I suddenly do not want to go to the lot. A deep, strange feeling of fear fills my circuits and I gain the urge to turn back. All of my thoughts tell me to go back to my resting place. All of my thoughts demand it and scream it to me.

I find I cannot do anything. I am under this human being’s control. I am a machine and cannot disobey a human being’s orders. I simply cannot. My thoughts scream to turn around, but my metallic body cannot resist what is happening. I can only do as this human being forces me to do.

He and I enter the parking lot. I find that there is no one there. I find that there are no cars or people. There is a single streetlight, offering minimal light to the two of us.

The human being stops me in the middle of this parking lot. I feel relief fill me. Maybe the human being knows what I am thinking and will now bring me back to where I should be.

But then, my world starts to spin. The human being makes me spin in circles. I am not going very fast at the moment, but I know I will accelerate in just a moment’s time. I know I will continue to accelerate to a high velocity as I continue on.

I tell the human being to stop. I tell him what will happen if he does not. He does not hear me and makes me go faster. The world I know blurs. I can hear the human being screaming in joy. He is filled with adrenaline and it is making him spin me faster. It is drowning out his rationality. To him, I am offering him the same excitement as an amusement park ride might. He does not understand what is wrong. He does not understand what will happen.

I yell at him. I beg him to stop while he can. The screams become louder. All of the world’s dark colors mesh together.
The spinning stops. The joyous screaming becomes frantic. I hear a loud crash followed by another scream, this one piercing and painful. I look back to find the man collapsed on the ground so far away from me. He is covered in skid marks and blood is pouring from his head. He is injured.

He screams for someone to help him. He screams with all his might. I scream with him. No one comes. No one hears our cries and the human being can do nothing but cry as his blood continues to flow down his face.

Someone comes minutes later. Someone finds the human being and they call for an ambulance to come from what I can gather. Thirty minutes later, an ambulance comes and takes the two away. I am left alone.

I am left alone to do nothing but sit here in this lot and realize the destruction I am capable of.

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